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2020: A Perfect Vision of the Information Age Renaissance

Photo by Yaoqi LAI on Unsplash

he year is 2020. Surrounded by earth-scorching blazes indicative of accelerating climate change, San Francisco has resembled the futuristic dystopia of Blade Runner. Meanwhile, rampant & unregulated political advertising via social media, birthed in nearby Silicon Valley, threatens democracy. The COVID-19 pandemic has the chattering online world divided on what defines fact vs. fiction — but clarity comes in the form of questioning everything.

While the world as we know it crumbles, not just our planet is engulfed in flames. Our brains are searing with information, conflict, and fear-induced mental strife. We worry for the future while we struggle to make ends meet day by day, adjusting to a climate of consciousness ripe for confusion and misinformation.

But just as society throws up its hands, shrieking and exasperated — artists pick up their paintbrushes with new gusto; writers take to the keyboard with freshly fired fingers; musicians sing, strum, and bang their drums louder than ever through live-streams within computer screens. Creatives of all kinds are being hugely inspired, and indeed — summoned.

The world which once derided the most in-tune humans as deadbeats, freeloaders, and starving artists must recognize that creativity is the key to sustainability, and that we are nothing without it. Leaving any part of our kin in squalor keeps us all in the dark ages. It’s time to move forward, to a peaceful, united, and enlightened world where all are welcome. Adversity will give us strength and wisdom, because death is rebirth, and creation thrives on destruction.

Out of the ashes of 2020 we will rise like the proverbial phoenix, burning with rage and torment, lit like a slow fuse that’s finally reached its dynamite, exploding with flaming lava as the volcano that’s lain dormant for far too long.

We have reached a tipping point in this outmoded phase of society, where capitalism can no longer run away with the dreams, souls, and life savings of aspirational bootstrappers. It’s clear that the unnatural pyramid scheme system decided by the most predatory and power-hungry among us has reached its precarious, poisonous peak and evil must now leap into the void. We survive because we have each other.

Gone are the days when silence was golden and tolerance was critical — now chaos reigns and all bets are off. The future is raw, uncertain, and primed for upheaval. When the canvas is laid bare, we will paint life anew.

Do you speak flowers? Michelle is an artist, clothing designer, singer-songwriter (Miss Jupiter), and boutique proprietress (Spacedust) residing in Los Angeles.

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